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Label Validation With FlexUnit

While working in interdisciplinary teams where graphics are produced by artists and the code comes from the developers, a solid designer-developer work-flow is crucial. At my current project team at Wooga we already established a very good work-flow. The artists can produce graphics and see them in the running application after committing them.

Strong Typed Constants

Constants are commonly occurring in the ActionScript core classes. Typical examples are events (Event.COMPLETE) or general configurations (StageAlign.TOP_LEFT). These constants are typically of type String and grouped in one class.

Icon Badge for Windows

Until now the Air Icon Badge library implementation only supported OS X dock icons. Nevertheless it is easy to extend the implementation for utilizing it as Windows system tray icon. In this article I will demonstrate how this could be realized.

Icon Badge Library for Air

Adobe Air is often used to build feed readers or social media clients. This kind of applications can retrieve new data while they are running in the background. In that case it would be great to inform the user about the amount of new items.