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Travis CI for iOS

Have you ever tried to setup a continuous integration server for iOS? From my personal experience it is not easy. You have to organize a Mac and install software and plugins. You have to manage user accounts and provide security. You have to grant access to the repositories and configure all build steps and certificates. During the project lifetime you have to keep the server healthy and up-to-date.

From Wordpress to Octopress

For a long time I wasn’t happy with my Wordpress blog. Maintenance and hosting seemed unnecessary complex. When researching alternative solutions I found Octopress. In this article I highlight the reasons that made me switch.

Vim With System Clipboard

With vim I got really addicted to keyboard-only usage. But there is one thing I was always missing: integration with the system clipboard. I had to switch back to the mouse for that. As I learned today system clipboard is supported by vim. Unfortunately the version packaged with OSX is not compiled with this feature enabled.

Kiwi - iOS Testing With Style

I’m very passionate about writing tests to ensure code quality and achieve better software design. When I started iOS development one of the first things I did was evaluating testing frameworks for iOS.

Flash Timeline Actions

A proper designer-developer workflow is essential, especially in bigger teams. By separating logic and view (e.g. via MVC Design Pattern) we try to avoid dependencies between artists and programmers. Less coupling increases the speed of development and design.